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Membership Criteria

There are two groups of membership. One is for individuals and the other is for organisations or firms.

An individual membership criterion is based upon merit and grades are awarded on the basis of qualification, experience and contribution to the quality profession.

Corporate membership is based upon the level of service and benefits the corporate member wishes to obtain from the Alliance.

There is a grade of membership available for everyone. The Alliance is not exclusive. It is inclusive and is as keen to attract more members to its ranks, as it is to promote the common sense approach to quality and business standards.

Individual Membership

Individual grades and criteria are as follows

Associate Member

Criteria: This grade is open to anyone with an interest in quality.

Benefits: Associates may have use of the QBSA logo on their private correspondence, the use of the initials AM-QBSA and access to all factsheets, and visibility of downloads from the Marketplace and web site.

Full Member

Criteria: As for Associate plus

  • Further education including a course of study involving quality.
  • Active involvement in quality in daily duties.
  • Provision of two referees.
  • BTEC Level 4 or Degree in an appropriate subject


  • 5 years active experience and practise within a quality environment.

Benefits: as Associate. Plus voting rights and ability to advertise their services on the QBSA Web site. Delayed access to Web based Job seeker facility. May also update grade to that of Sponsor Organisation.

Fellow member

Criteria: As for full member but must include an appropriate qualification. Plus active involvement at a managerial level in excess of 3 years with responsibility for training & developing colleagues and staff in quality and business standards aspects.

Benefits: As for full member plus Ability for full download of all products, eligibility to offer consultancy services, ability to view Job Vacancies immediately.

Corporate Membership

Corporate membership is open to all firms. Most firms are proud of the level of quality in the products and services they provide but all too often that element of their service is taken for granted or overlooked. The opportunity to declare your commitment to quality and business standards in a practical no-nonsense way should not be missed. Membership of QBSA provides this opportunity to align with an organisation that cares passionately about, and works for, the maintenance of quality and business standards. The QBSA approach is based on a practical, no-nonsense standpoint that concentrates on the essential rather than the periphery aspects of quality and standards.

Affiliate Organisation Use of Logo. Facility to download Factsheets and view Product downloads. May read Marketplace lists, Job Finder & Job Seeker 2 weeks after initial upload.

Sponsor Organisation As affiliate. Update of Marketplace, update of Job Finder. Voting Rights.

Policy Organisation As Sponsor. Plus: Quality Registration Scheme. Registration access.

Guests View Home Page, view Fact Sheets, view Job Finder after 2 weeks, view Job Seeker after 2 weeks. Access to free link service. Free 60-day trial period. (Enrol by default and quit by request).

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