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Introductions and Commissions

An introduction fee is payable to all named individuals for introducing members to the Alliance.

The commission fee payable is 100% of the annual fee for the new member at the time of joining. Fees are paid during a period of approximately three years and are dependent upon the new member's continual membership.

Fees are paid at the following frequency:

  • 50% at end of 2nd month after joining
  • 25% at end of 14th month after joining
  • 15% at end of 26th month after joining
  • 10% at end of 38th month after joining

Additionally, if the commission earner is a registered charity it shall receive 10% commission for the remainder of the member's association with the Alliance.

Introduction fees are not earned in respect of self-introduction.

Regional representatives may also receive an additional 7.5% per year for each member within their regions depending upon the level of activity within the region attributable to that representative.

Members and applicant members are encouraged to enquire of any commissions or fees payable to third parties in the event of their joining the Alliance.


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