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Standard Terms and Conditions

  1. Quality & Business Standards Alliance Limited shall be known as QBSA in these terms and registrants shall be known as clients. A registrant is a person, organisation or firm listed within the QBSA membership register and for which membership fees have been paid for the current year of membership.
  2. QBSA contracts to provide to the client a membership listing service and other benefits that may be defined elsewhere and the client contracts to pay for such service an amount as may be defined elsewhere.
  3. If the Client shall commit any act of bankruptcy or being a Company shall go into liquidation (other than for voluntary liquidation for the purposes of restructuring or amalgamation) or suffer the appointment on behalf of a creditor of a receiver or fail to make any other payment provided for by contract QBSA shall without prejudice to any other rights that it may have be thereupon entitled to cancel this contract by notice in writing to the client. In the event of the client merging with or being taken over by another person firm or company QBSA reserves the right to terminate this contract by notice in writing to the client without liability at any time. This contract may also be terminated in writing by either party in accordance with any express provisions agreed in the documentation forming this contract or these terms or by mutual consent.
  4. Neither QBSA nor any of its servants or agents shall be liable for damages or loss of whatever nature arising from the work done or information or opinion supplied by QBSA whether due to negligence or any other cause whatsoever. Neither QBSA nor any of its servants or agents shall be liable for damages or loss of whatsoever nature, in respect of indemnity claims by other parties arising from any delay, defect or error in any work undertaken by QBSA save to the extent that any attempt exclusion of liability would be contrary to law.
  5. Industrial property and intellectual property including any copyright and patent rights in or over any information specification plan drawing pattern sample document spreadsheet or other thing arising from materiel supplied by QBSA belongs to QBSA. On payment of the full membership fees and other costs as may be agreed the client shall be entitled to have such materiel solely for his own use. Where the client wishes to use or exploit any part of such industrial property or intellectual property with any other party he shall immediately notify QBSA in writing. QBSA may at their discretion and as they deem appropriate award commissions to the client for so doing. By these terms and conditions the Client during or post his period of QBSA membership may pass onto other parties such material as he deems fit and agrees to pay QBSA such fees as would be due from each third party in receipt of such materiel if the third party had contracted directly with QBSA for such benefits as they had received from the client. As a minimum these fees are those set for Policy Members of QBSA plus a similar fee in consequence of administration and management endeavour incurred by QBSA plus other costs.
  6. It is a requirement of this contract that payment by the client shall be within thirty days of presentation of invoices by QBSA and that the first invoice may be presented on receipt of written acceptance of these conditions or acknowledgement of order and that overdue payments shall accrue a surcharge of 4% over current base bank rate plus the cost of pursuing the debt based on the rate specified in paragraph 8 of this document or in contract whichever is the lesser plus an administration fee of twenty-five pounds sterling plus value added tax.
  7. In the event that the client wishes to terminate the contract for any reason then notice shall be served in writing to the address at the bottom of this document. All activities conducted to the deemed moment of notification shall be chargeable to the client at the rate specified in paragraph 8 of this document or in other documents whichever is the greater plus fifty-five pounds sterling plus value added tax administration and termination fee or at the rate if so defined in the documents to which these terms apply whichever is the greater.
  8. Unless specified elsewhere the QBSA fee is two pounds and fifty pence sterling plus value added tax per minute and unless specified elsewhere a standard day for the provision of services shall be two hundred minutes which may be accrued in any manner and time frame.
  9. These conditions are subject to the laws of the United Kingdom of England and Wales. QBSA shall not be liable retrospectively for consequences, costs or damages arising from changes or introduction of such laws or Government Instruments that may subsequently invalidate or devalue QBSA activities.
  10. QBSA is part of a group of businesses known as the Lambda Group. The proprietor of QBSA also has a controlling interest in Business Assessment Service Limited, Accreditation Service for Certifying Bodies (Europe) Limited and Safatech Limited that may, on occasion provide services related to QBSA field of activities and which may also provide services or be recommended to provide services to the Client.
  11. Clients are advised that on occasion commissions may be payable with third parties regarding introducing or facilitating business with the client. Information on such transactions will be made available to clients upon request.
  12. Failure to make payment within 60 days of date of invoice or to voluntarily offer an explanation as to why payment has not been made and other aspects at the discretion of QBSA will be deemed an anticipatory breech of contract for which costs of termination as defined in paragraph 8 above will apply.
  13. Clients may apply the QBSA logo only for the period for which their membership dues cover. In allowing use of the logo QBSA are confirming registration of the client in the QBSA register of members. Clients are advised that compliance with any standard is not certificated.
  14. QBSA shall provide membership services to clients to an extent defined elsewhere and shall permit use of QBSA membership facilities for a period defined in correspondence or invoice.


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