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Purposes and Principles


  1. To promote awareness of quality and business standards issues.
  2. To provide a conduit for trade within the quality and business standards environment.
  3. To provide information on quality and business standards issues to the public at large and commercial interests in particular.
  4. To provide information regarding education and training within the quality and business standards fields.
  5. To provide a register of individuals' and organisations' commitment to the advancement of quality and business standards issues.
  6. To provide such benefits of membership that may be deemed appropriate from time to time.
  7. To develop relationships with trade associations and other agencies for the promotion of QBSA points of view and the interests of members.


"Quality and business standards are characteristics, the management, control and advancement of which, are to the mutual advantage of society, the environment, commerce and consumers".

"Quality of service, or of a product, is a manifestation of design. Records and documentation will not improve quality or any other activity once the service or product has been delivered."

In the pursuit of these principles the Alliance shall disseminate its comments in such a manner as to sustain the credibility and integrity of the Alliance.

In instances where material or comment is of partisan and biased nature and perhaps to the advantage of involved parties then this will be made clear by showing the author of or name of the contributor.

Companies and individuals listed in the register (see 5 above), shall be known as members of the register, or members of the Alliance and are graded as defined in our guide QBSA(G).1, Membership Criteria.


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